GK side effects

Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if you had experienced side effects after GK, how long after the treatment did you notice your side effects? like seizures, numbness, and stuff like that? I go next Thursday the 19th, and i'm feeling pretty confident about it, but I'd be lying if I said i wasn't scared of the side effects... and what to do if i get some...

thanks for your help :)


I had gamma knife in 2005,I had no side effects.It was just a long day.I think it was the easiest thing I have ever done.Everybody is different & they respond to procedures differently.Good Luck :wink:

I had gamma knife almost two years ago. I experience fatigue for the first 6 months or so and had issues with nausea and headaches after that (although the nausea and headaches are likely caused by my AVM itself - not the gamma knife). I started receiving acupuncture in January and my symptoms are nearly gone now!

The side effects of gamma knife is different for everyone. I had the 3rd one done a couple of months ago. For the first week the worst discomfort were the back of my head where the head frame were attached. This discomfort was only there when sleeping. There were bumps by those pin sites and of course when I'm lying down on my back when sleeping the areas of the pin sites will hurt. After a couple of days my eyes got swollen and that only lasts a couple days when applying something cold on it. There is no pain at all from this. I'm sure the nurses and doctors will explain this to you when discharged. The first time I had the gamma knife done I was scared as well. But it seems like you have a supportive family that will support you throughout all this and make it easier. Take care!