GK on Monday

My wife gets her GK on her AVM on Monday. I'm curious on what to expect afterward over the next few days afterwards. I'm also wondering what folks might have experienced in the months afterwards concerning improvement of the deficits she is experiencing (mainly vision).

Hi Jim. I will be praying for you and your wife. I only had a craniotomy done.

I had GK in June for my AVM & crani in July to clip two aneurysms.

I think I actually did better on the day I had MRI + angiogram + GK than I did on the day that I just had an angiogram. I was cranky all day that I had the GK--not being able to eat & my back & neck were aching from the lying flat for 6 hours after the angiogram & from trying to lie flat with the GK halo. I'm a teacher, and had GK the week after school let out for summer. I was attending summer professional development clases the week after my GK treatment.

I didn't have a rupture prior to treatments, so I can't tell how current deficits may or may not improve.

In September, when I was 3 months post GK & 2 months post crani, I was having much more frequent migraine aura, but not always the actual migraine pain. Also, the location of my headaches had moved. My neurosurgeon sent me for an MRI to make sure things were ok & things looked good--I was showing signs of remodeling. He then sent me to a neurologist to work on managing my headaches (daily med + better sleep practices) & I'm doing much better.

I have GK round two in 3 weeks.

Good luck my friends. By strong and positive. Im still waiting for my Gamma knife, I had only a craniotomy done.

Hi Jim,
I had GK 17 years ago, so things may have changed a bit. I spent the night in the hospital & was discharged the following day. They put the halo on & did an angiogram, so my leg was tender from that. The hospital was 4 hours from home and I remember a strange feeling as I was looking out the window in the car, where there was a split second delay between the images going by and my brain processing them. But, overall the recovery was no problem, I took a long weekend and went right back to work. I lost a small patch of hair at the main spot of the radiation, but no one ever noticed except for the gal who cut my hair! It all grew back. I never had a bleed, so never had any experience with deficit improvement. Good luck, hope everything goes smoothly!

Thanks! There are so many unknowns and .... well you know. We have much faith and I want to be prepared for this next part. Jim