GK in Sheffield

Hi, is it possible to have the angio under GA and the rest (MRI, frame and GK) under local in Sheffield?
Did anyone have GK done in Sheffield with a mask instead of the frame?

Hi Solik,

Me again. I just replied to your other question.

I had all my treatment at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queens Square, London, so I can’t speak for Sheffield (although I have heard very good things about them).

However, I have to be honest with you and you may/may not want to share this with your son. Also, everyone has a different pain threshold (always thought mine was quite high though). I found the injections at the back of the head for the frame fitting and the tightening/removal of the frame very painful. I was in a lot of discomfort from the frame for the entire day, it hurt to move my jaw.

I even asked at the time if they did this to children to which they replied yes. In my opinion no child should go through that awake. I don’t want to frighten you or your son and I know other people on here didn’t feel like this. They did say I have a very small skull so maybe this is why!! He can get through it all but I felt it was more painful/uncomfortable than I had anticipated.

Also, it’s important to make sure your son is lying comfortable when in the Gamma Machine. I didn’t get myself comfortable enough and felt like I was in a bit of a stress position (neck in relation to body). To be honest I should have told them but once I was in the machine I just wanted to get it done.

I am just over two weeks out from treatment and I am still not feeling good. Again, this is something I didn’t anticipate. Part of my head is still numb. I wake up every morning with pain in the back of my head and am having daily headaches/neck and face pain. I am however, struggling emotionally with all this and I think this could be adding to tension in my head/body.

Again, wish you and your son the very best in this journey.


Hi Solik

I forgot to add. Personally I found my angiograms much easier than the injections for the frame and the frame fitting/removal.

Take care


Thank you. I am genuinely sorry to hear that you went through so much pain, physically and emotionally. I really hope things improve for you very fast.

From what I read, most people say that the frame wasn’t as bad as they’d expected with some having really bad experiences like yourself but as you said, it is all highly individual. If he does need two treatments, the second is supposed to be done under local… :confused: I am so stressed about both possibilities that I don’t think either are good.

Thank you for your help - it’s great to get input from others who’ve been there.

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Kel1 I too had an awful time with that frame. My head hurt the whole day I had it on and i had terrible nausea and vomiting. As soon as that frame came off all of that stopped. Aĺl the rest of the times that I had radiation I had the mask. That was a God send.


Yes, it was awful and I hope I don’t have to do it ever again. I am still feeling unwell from my Gamma. I now have a pressure type feeling behind my right eye and an occasional sharp pain, it comes and goes. Seems to be worse if I look down. Did you get this?