Giannis MRI

heyy everyone!!!
its been soo long since we signed on… a really hard several months…
Giannis neurosurgeons at childrens hosp have wrote him off and have givin him a terminal status as of march 18, 2009…
were wayy bummed out and gianni unfortunately has had dramatic declines…
we were told in march that he only had a couple days or couple weeks at best but he is still truckin along as usual! thats my boyy! he amazes me every single day. were keepin our heads high, faith strong and continuing prayers.
we have been in contact with barrow neurological institute in phoenix az but have not been able to raise the funds to get him down there…
we have signed onto a vehicle charity network in hopes that we can get enough votes together to get him a donated vehicle for medical trips and all around medical purposes.
i plan to be on soon to upload new pics of my handsome boy and send some much needed emails out to you all…
but mommy duties call!!!
tty all soon!
love gmans family! :smiley:

Altho it is wonderful to hear from you about Gianni, I feel numb after reading that and so so sad. I hope he proves them all wrong and continues staying strong. He is such a perfect little boy in so many ways.
Is there ANYTHING we can do together to help you raise those funds to get to Barrow!?!??!

my prayers are with you and your family, keep positive and dont lose faith.
you are all fighters. cant wait to see the photos of gianni xxx

My prayers are with Gianni as well. He is such as beautiful boy and sounds like a fighter.

God bless,


I am praying hard for baby Gianni’s strength and recovery. You are an amazing mom and he is an angel… God bless your family xxxooo

Our prayers are with you! Stay positive! remember to keep your faith!

My thoughts are with you and Gianni as well, what a beautiful little soul. We will all hope for the best…

I feel for you all so much I dont know what to say apart from that you are in my thoughts and am hear anytime to talk stay strong and will be thinking of you all