Getting there!

Hello my friends ! Just a quick update. Accommodation has now been booked, and PAID for, and last night, flights were booked and PAID for, all by our wonderful sponsors. Think we can now relax a little, as Matt can now get to San Francisco and lay his weary head somewhere as well !! so happy days. My wonderful 81 year old mum (we call her pocket rocket as she is so little but amazing, never stops !) is raising money everywhere she goes. The kayak sponsorship form is out and being filled up rapidly, and the dog walk to rye is also being heavily sponsored as we speak. I think the end is in sight AVMers ! We are finally getting there. Matt is now in serious training for the 28 mile kayak down the Royal Military Canal. They are doing it in two days, i am not sure if i could do it in 12 ! Love to you all, SF is getting nearer !! xx

That’s all EXCELLENT news! Please tell Matt to be sure to register online for the walk as this way we can be sure he is included in the count for the AVMsurvivors team TSHIRT!