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Getting surgery soon

Hello everyone:

I am finally getting my surgery next week on 11/6 at Jackson Memmorial hospital after almost one year of trying other treatments other than surgery. For those of you that already had surgery, what do you recommend me for best results before and after surgery, for example what would you think you would have done differently for better results Ex trying to relax , not thinking to much etc.
I have a couples of dates ahead but as date gets closer , I feel I am getting more emotional and scared even-though I feel very comfortable with the neurosurgeon Dr. Jacques Morcos at University of Miami . He looks to have a lot of experience doing brain surgeries.

Any responses and recommendations on how to keep oneself calm will be really appreciated it .


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Yania, I can’t relay any info in respect to surgery, as I had gamma knife. Know that we will all be thinking of you on the 6th and all look forward to your first post surgery update! Take Care, John.

Thank you John . Appreciate your wishes !

I think definitely you need positive vibes and to relax as much as possible… have faith and pray of you believe… God bless!

I was a nervous wreck before my craniotomy; going through all the what ifs and worst-case scenarios… all you really can do is put faith in your doctors take a deep breath and know that if it is successful that part of your life is behind you other than any deficits you may have had if you had a bleed.
best of luck will be thinking of you!

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For me it is all about practicalities.

  1. Relax. They don’t expect you to be comfortable with what you’re going in for but they will talk you through each step. All you have to do is turn up at the right time in the right place. After that, they’ll feed you, water you and look after you. I thought of it as being on holiday and being waited on for a few days or a week, depending on how you get on.

  2. I think hydration is important, so up to the point that you are told you must stop eating and drinking, go a bit overboard with keeping yourself nicely hydrated.

  3. Don’t panic. It’s entirely possible when you come round from the op for something not to be working as it should. I’ve read of people unable to move or unable to speak or unable to see. These things are possible effects of the surgeon tinkering in your head and your brain swelling up a bit or otherwise taking exception to it all. It doesn’t mean that those effects will be permanent and I’ve read of people waking up with these effects where it has resolved.

  4. You’re in great hands at a time when this kind of surgery is more successful than ever. You’re going to be fine. There’s every reason to go into this thing and say to yourself “it’s gonna be fine”.

Take it easy. You’ll do great


@ylorezo 1) Get your bedroom ready for when you come home so you can be most comfortable as you like it.
2) Get your comfort foods for home -
3) Bring your own tea bags, special drinks like electrolytes , snacks , lip balm for the hospital
4) bring all your meds to hospital ( sometimes the hospital doesn’t have them ) last time I went they did not 2 of my meds which we live close so my husband was able to go get.
5) Download some movies/shows to your ipad- last time I was in the hospital they had terrible movies on and my roommate was on the phone all night talking to her ex!
6) Take your time in your recovery- Do not feel bad to say NO to visitors. Have someone else be the gatekeeper - Keep us updated and we will be thinking positive thoughts
Hugs Angela


Thank you Dick , Ángela and Mike for your Recomendations . You can not imagine how helpful they are in a moment so difficult like this one . I really appreciate your advice and will follow them.
I will keep you all posted once every is over .

Thank you so much for your care and words!


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Thank you Adrian also for your advice . I will try to keep myself as much relax and under control as possible .Your words and advice really help and support me in this difficult moment .

Will keep you posted . Thank you for your care!


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Let us know how you get on: we are there with you every step that you need.

I think Angela’s ideas are great :heart:

Wishing you the best,


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