Getting Life Insurance with an AVM

Hi Everyone,

Not sure if this is the correct place for this post however are there Insurance Companies that will provide Life Insurance or Disability Insurance with a Pre-Existing condition such as an AVM?

I know some will offer it at an extremely high price, I was looking for some thoughts on something reasonable. My son has limited coverage is married and has a new baby daughter. I am concerned if something were to happen, he would be thrown into financial turmoil. Naturally being young he thought he did not need insurance, unfortunately life had other ideas for him/us.


Hi Jake,

First, a disclaimer: I am not, nor ever have been in the insurance industry. Seek competent counsel on any insurance questions. I have worked in big biz and have some familiarity with insurance as well as personal experience.

We had some term life insurance and after the kids were born, tried to update our coverage. Since Chari had the AVM show up after we had made the original coverage, she was still covered at the original amount, but our company would not allow her to increase her coverage. Many years later, we thought about trying to increase it again, but never pursued it, so not sure if they would or not.

It is my GUESS that you might be able to get coverage after some period of time (like in years) after you have an AVM, but different companies might have different exclusions.

The absolute cheapest life insurance you can get is usually through your work place. Many large companies provide (free) some amount, such as 2 times your annual salary as a life insurance benefit. Doubt there would be any exclusions for AVM.

Some companies also allow you to purchase additional amounts, say up to 5 times your salary, for a very reasonable rate. PLEASE NOTE: My experience is this coverage is called ACCIDENTAL DEATH. It would only pay if you died as a result of an accident. Getting cancer and dying would not be covered. Having an AVM rupture and you die in a car wreck? Who knows................

As you likely know, term life insurance is the best value. No matter what the salesman says, using whole life insurance as an 'investment' is not a good deal in my opinion. Want proof: Look at all the HUGE, expensive buildings that house the big insurance companies. Lot of profit in whole life.

Overall, I dislike the concept of life insurance (but I understand the need). The company is betting that I live a long time, and I'm betting that I don't. Seems convoluted, huh?

I think most state insurance commissions have websites that offer a lot of insurance information. Might be a good place to start looking.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Good note Pat.

Do you have a personal opinion that you could share about my example of having an AVM rupture and you die in a car wreck as a result? I'm really not sure if it would likely be covered or not.

I'm just curious, and have no direct examples if it would or would not be covered.

Ron, KS

Thanks for posting this topic. My husband and I were just talking about this the other evening.

Great topic, and thank for the information.

I really never cared about life insurance until this whole thingy ma-jig happened and created chaos in many aspects of my life.

This is definitely one aspect that it leisurely unexpectantly creeps.

Thanks again, all.