Getting headaches recently with loud noises and when overstimulated

My 9 year old daughter has recently started to get mild headaches with loud noises and when overstimulated over the last 2 weeks. Since gamma knife in feb 09 she had had no headaches. Anyone else have these same symptoms. I am going to call her neurologist in the am but am getting worried.

I’ve been getting headaches but I think it’s because the weather is changing. I also cannot be around loud noises since my brain bleed…I just have to stay away from any loud noises, like going out to eat at restarants with loud music. I still would check with your neuro doc tho. Good luck and keep in touch!

(I had a craniotomy.) Overstimulation wears me out, which then makes me irritable when I have to continue with the stimulation(s).I can’t take any loud noises either, whether it’s on the phone (loud talking or background noise) or in person. Good luck in your pursuit for answers. Please keep us posted as to your findings and your daughter’s health.

Kendall had a period of almost daily headaches for several weeks in January, mostly at school. We had an MRI just to be sure nothing new had developed. That came back fine, the remaining part of her avm is still live, but scarring 1 year post radiation. I think it is from over-stimulation and focusing at school. We also had her brother’s party at a laser tag place in mid-January- I wonder if the loud music and flashing lights may have irritated her brain as well. Looking back now, I realize that is common sense, but I didn’t think of it then-duh! The headaches have subsided recently- none on Spring Break. I am having her eyes checked to rule that out too. It’s always so hard to know!