Getting back to workforce


Hello fellow AVM Survivors. I haven’t posted anything to this site for quite a while. But does anyone out there know of someone or personally had problems getting back into the workforce after embolization for gamma knife?

I know many of you had been through difficult, stressful, painful experiences getting diagnosed and getting treated for your AVM. My avm is located in my temporal lobe and have had problems getting through job interviews. I’m blessed that I haven’t had any seizures for a while. My problem is short term memory loss, anxiety, and stumbling on words, or finding the right word to say messing up my chances of getting job.

I have a B.A. I’m aware of my strengths and weaknesses which is why I’ve been applying for entry-level positions. Can anyone please offer advice or share your experiences?

Thanks for your help!


I returned to the work force around 4 months post bleed in a reduced capacity, a return to work program. I was fortunate to have an incredible organization to return to following a period of fully compensated sick time. I worked back over a month to full hours, but still limited in some areas. This was at the end of August, I had gamma knife in November and returned to all unlimited duties in February.

I experienced some sort term memory challenges at times and the word finding problem at times. I was always a note taker, and just upped the amount to ensure I captured the necessary and had the “to do” list up to date, which I had really been using for years. The words were another matter and would often need to substitute the word when I couldn’t find it. That has now almost disappeared. The memory is not quite as sharp as it was but again still improving, the biggest factor being the recall of information was always instantaneous for me. Now it is often delayed, when I know its there and its taking a little time, I buy more time. I’ll say things like “let me think about that for a second” or " good point, I’m just wondering about any alternatives" etc… These types of things get that little it extra, and the big one" just to make sure I understand correctly" . most often I’m very clear but am simply getting a little more time to recall or formulate an answer.

Forgot to mention, my AVM is in my left temporal. Take Care, John.


Great post. Hopefully you’ll find some one who can help answer your questions. I myself am almost 4 yrs from Craniotomy to repair CVM in my brainstem. I’m living in United States and am on Disability. I used government subsidized programs and am part time employed.


If you’re in the US, i’d Think about going through a staffing agency. The job market is strong right now and temp to hire may give you better results. Ticket to work is a federal program that can subsidize Job Readiness Training. I did STEP at Goodwill. I spent most of the time staffing the career center. Helping people write resumes and job search. There were weekly job fairs, classes, and job coaches.


Thank you both for sharing your experience with me. For me it’s very frustrating to even find a position to apply for whether part-time or temporary that I know I would be a fit for my abilities, qualifications and fields I’m interested in. It’s hard enough to even complete a resume and cover letter on time and find the posting for the position I’m applying for gone.

JD12, you’re right I should have my own personal “to due list” and it is “COMPLETE RESUME”. My problem is thinking I’m back in college trying to finish a paper and overanalyzing things.

Yes JeremyH, after I get off these boards, I’m trying to complete my resume for a position at a temp agency which will probably take God knows how long to complete.

Again thank you both for replying. It’s good to hear both of you are doing ok.


I have been retired on health grounds from my job. The combination of the gamma knife , treatment for seizures and old damage has left me with problems with my short term memory word finding etc. My employer won’t make any further adjustments for me.


I don’t know about landing a job. I’m working part time as the attendant for the self check lanes at a grocery store. I think I got it cause I know the manager. I got turned down for two similar jobs that I applied for. Another suggestion is Volunteer work. I think it would be a good way to get Resume worthy experience and find out if the position is a good fit.


I’ve seen a couple of friends have good success doing the temp agency work for a year or two, then getting a good job. It’s a tough route, but has good chances.