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Getting affairs in order


I’m 57. I was diagnosed with my AVM after experiencing a seizure in 1988. June 17, 1988.
I was having the first or second office of what would be many, many. The neurologist, thankfully, was direct with me. “I would suggest you go home at get your affairs in order.”
I was 27 years old. I had no affairs to get in order. I decided to do whatever I pleased. Went fishing. Played guitar around the apartment au natural. Went to the casinos in Atlantic City. Watched other people drink to excess and then some.
I didn’t cry. I didn’t shake my fist at the heavens. I didn’t treat people poorly. I did live my life like any second could be last. That was wrong, the living life like any second could be my last.
I imagined that as a goblet lifted high into the air, as various potent potables spilled over the side. I don’t know why, I couldn’t really imbibe alcoholic beverages to any great volume any more.
to be continued



I am intruiged


Living life to fullest doesn’t mean lifting a goblet high into the air, drinking from a tankard and wiping your mouth with your forearm. Doesn’t mean walking around with a chicken drumstick in your paws.
I’ve grown to think living life to it’s fullest is to be as complete as you can. No procrastination, which is hard because I’m a born procrastinator. Never leave those you live with doubts about you feel about them. Never leave an argument unresolved. Actions speak louder than words but feelings last longer than actions.
My wife and I always talk about getting to an attorney. Get our final wishes and also our living wills. We haven’t, we should.
Leave some business unfinished. Don’t let certain people off the hook. Have them wonder for the rest of their lives if everything was copacetic. Make sure it’s a major player in your life. It’s okay to be the smaller person once in awhile. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been the “bigger” person more often than not.
Always treat your companion animals well. Spoil them. Just because you’ve picked up their poop doesn’t mean you’ve done more for them.
If you think this has gone off on a tangent, you’re missed the point. Pets above people. People above business. Business above bullshit.
You don’t die thinking about the business you miss. I sorta know.