Get Giving on the Gifts!

You all may have noticed some silly and fun “gifts” being given and received lately. So I thought I’d post a little note about them and why everyone should play! :slight_smile:

First, it’s fun!
Who doesn’t like to get a gift???..even if it’s only virtual! These silly little cartoons can brighten someones day, can be used to recognize something cool (like getting the “all clear!”) or just for no reason at all. I mean really, who couldn’t use a random cup of hot cocoa right now???

Second, it helps our community and ones just like it!
We are all so thankful that AVMSN exists because it gives us the opportunity to know each other, find information, share and support, and get that sense of understanding that we all long for. When you buy credits (they are cheap!) to give gifts, the money helps Ben keep this site up and running, and also can help him with other support sites he has created. How many of you know that Ben and Scott are working towards building a site just like ours for ALL rare diseases! Those are pretty cool guys and this is such an easy way to help them out.

Third, cause I made a virtual gift!
So go over and send someone one of my super cool pink and zebra gowns! It’s fashioned after our very own Jaclyn who has worn hers in real life too many times. It was the first gown I made for someone else, and I think it is super sassy and way cute! If I do say so myself :slight_smile:

But really, this is just an easy way to show memebers you care, bring some fun to the day, and support Ben and Scott in their endeavor. So get gifting everyone! Info and instructions can be found on the “Gifts” tabby at the top of the page.


Thanks for the explanation, Shalon. Proceeds beyond what it takes to run this site are used to create patient communities for other rare diseases. It’s something we are just getting started. A couple of examples are here: and with many, many more to come.

Thanks for your support,
Ben and Scott

making a gown and no stylee shoes to match! LOL shalon has your shoe shopping ended for 2010? LOL hope you are well thanks for all you do!