Gastrointestinal AVM

Hi, i have recently been told the cause of my rectal bleeding in June.
I was in hospital for 5days… when it occurred I was very poorly and nearly passed out from the pain.
I had a sigmoidoscopy which found the bleed and they cauterised it there and then.
They never really explained what the problem was until now.

I guess my question is… will it come back? And am I likely to have them elsewhere?

Im so scared of it happening again… it was horrible.
I also have a chiari malfomation… the joys of malformations! Lol

Bozzylozzy, I suggest you have a look at our HHT group (; most of our members with gastrointestinal AVMs have also been diagnosed with HHT, a genetic condition that can cause multiple AVMs. Also you may wish to join Extremity AVMs ( and the UK group ( Best wishes!

Thanks dancermom :slight_smile:
still trying to navigate the website on my mobile phone!
But I’ll definitely have a look

My grandad has gastro affected HHT… (but we’re not blood related) i find it really frightening when i see what he goes through :frowning: