Gamma Knife

Well it is done. Everything seemed to go as planned and the Doctor is confident that this will do the trick. I was amazed at how quickly everything went. I arrived at 6am. I was given a sedative and changed into hospital clothes, then the halo was fitted ( OUCH ). As soon as that was done I was off to have the procedures done, MRI first, then straight into Angio, then onto Gamma Knife, one after another with no breaks in between. I had 35 minutes worth of radiation and was back in my room for 11am, and out of the hospital for 12:30am.

15 minutes out of the hospital, on the drive home. We had to pull over so I could puke my guts out, but apart that and the post operative aches and pains no real side effects.

john im so glad it all went quickly and smoothly for you. good on you mate, it’s all done now, only up hill for you. xxx

Hi John, good to hear it went through good. Mine went as smooth as yours too but my radiation was for 61mins. Fingers crossed it will be 100% AVM free in a good time. Where did you have your Gamma Knife Surgery

so happy you are well and doing ok,God bless and Merry Christmas!!!

John I am so pleased that you are doing well and don’t forget to rest and sleep so that you continue on with the smoothest of sailings thrugh recovery and healing .
Be good to you . Take care of you .