Gamma knife

How has the outcome of the gamma knife for some of you?

Hello, Elly! I had my first round of gamma knife radiosurgery in November 2012. My neurosurgeon hopes to go through one more round and remove the remainder of the AVM through a craniotomy.

About a week post-op, I experienced problems with my vision (a blurring of the periphery in both eyes). However, I now believe that was a result of the steroid as I haven't had the symptom again since stopping the steroid.

Other than that, I haven't experienced any new symptoms. I'm six months post-op, and I still have the chronic migraines that led to the discovery of my AVM. But I know this is a long process. I'll find relief eventually. :)

I had 3 gamma knife treatments (June 2011, December 2011, June 2012). When we were waiting my turn last June, they showed me my scans from that day & the year before & my AVM had shrunk noticeably.

I'll go back next month for more scans to check the status of the AVM.

I also had a craniotomy to clip 2 aneurysms in July 2011.

My migraines are fewer & less intense most of the time--they were pretty bad this past June & August, but I haven't had to take off a single day for migraines this school year & only took one day off for migraines last school year. I haven't taken anything stronger than a Tylenol in the past 6 months, and have even gone a couple of weeks without taking a single Tylenol (I had been taking Excedrin almost daily & Maxalt a couple of times a month before my AVM was diagnosed).

Hi Elly...I had GammaKnife surgery back in September of 2008. Shortly after the operation, I experienced double-vision, weakness (I couldn't walk without someone holding on to me), and I was tired all the time. I had some bouts with depression, and some intellectual limitations, but I'm not sure if that was caused by the AVM bleed that I had, or the GammaKnife procedure itself. After a month, my eye-sight and strength had improve.

A little over four and a half years later, I'm doing well. My energy and intellect are not the same, but my intellect is much better than it was after I had the procedure those few years ago. I'm much better emotionally too.

Hey there! I had GK in April last year and had my first follow up MRI a few weeks ago which shows the avm nidus had shrunk noticeably and one draining vein had got significantly smaller, the other was nearly completely obliterated! Was absolutely stoked with the results, didn't expect it to be that good after 1 year :) I was told there was a 70% chance the treatment would work over 3 years, so im thinking I am pretty well on track :) Best wishes x