Gamma Knife

Hi, I have a brain AVM in my left thalamus which affects my right side. I had gamma knife radiosurgery 2 years ago. I was wondering, will I ever go back to normal? The right side of my body is experiencing stroke like symptoms. I’ve lost feeling approximately 75%. I’m blessed to be alive but I’m curious if I will ever get to full capacity again. Thank you.

That’s a question that is very difficult if not impossible to answer. I read a quote yesterday “When you’ve seen one brain injury, you’ve seen one brain injury. No two are alike” or something like that! I should have cut and pasted it. The thalamus has extensive nerve connections so a lot can impact from gamma knife, but would certainly be well worth asking your neuro. Not a lot of help, I wish I had more to pass along. Take Care, John.


Hello! We are in the same boat with our daughter, who is now 12 who had gamma knife 3 years ago. Her AVM was also in the left thalamus and her right side is affected. We were told we could expect to see some improvement with the obliteration of the AVM, but no guarantee. We remain optimistic, but have also learned to live with a lot too. At the same time, we haven’t given up searching for a better outcome. My daughter’s hand is most affected and we are seeing a hand surgeon who is considering a denervation procedure which will alleviate her spasticity. None of her routine doctors ever recommend we see a hand surgeon, but we decided to go for it anyway, My best advice would be to try to find peace with whatever the outcome may be, but don’t be quick to settle on things never improving. No one really told us who to see or even what was possible. Our doctors were shocked when we went to a hand surgeon, even though he is offering us a promising procedure. Keep revisiting your options. The answer might be out there. Best wishes for your continued recovery!

Every person is affected in there own way. All you can do is learn to be aware of these effects and possible causes such as caffeine so no more coffee or energy drinks, try not to eat to much chocolate. High sugar items and not just goodies, honey, jellies not jam, honeydew melon, and raisins, prunes are high in fructose or sugar and will effect your equilibrium. Movie screens flashing or strobe lights even patterns on the floor could bother you. People will tell you to lay down but that’s just giving in, if you feel a seizure coming on fight it. Put it to the back of your mind and concentrate fully on what you oppression doing as soon as you give in you will have a seizure. If you want any more tips just ask there is no one who can explain it better than I. It’s been 35years since I had my surgery at 9.

Mine also affected my right side of which resulted in 4strokes and 5 heart attacks but you can’t let that stop you it’s your life, live it to the fullest.