Gamma knife

Hello all, I’m new to the forum. My avm was discovered in April 2016 during a MRI that was requested for another purpose. Met with two different neurogist who provided me with the same information and options. Since I was asymptotic I chose to go with the gamma knife procedure and to have it done at Jewish Barnes hospital St. Louis Mo.
Yesterday was the day for the procedure and I’m home today. So happy to be done with it but dreading the wait to hear the results.

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Great to hear you’ve got the “timer” started. I will be undergoing gamma knife in the next few weeks. It was a debate with resection since my bleed but the surgeon looked at me and said if it was him, he would go gamma knife, decision made! I hope I don’t have another bleed in the meantime. I think about the waiting to see if successful as well, it will drag for sure! It will always be in the back of my mind no matter what I’m doing. All the best and take care.

Thank you for your response. I wish you well as you go through your treatment and recovery. If you any questions about the procedure, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks and much appreciated.

I wish you the best and that Gamma Knife works and shrinks the AVM.
I had Gamma Knife surgery about 20 years ago, in England, but it was considered a new kind of surgery and it didn’t shrink my AVM and caused semi paralyzed the right side of my body. The paralysis happened gradually and about 6 months after my surgery. I didn’t get the use back either, even after months of PT. I had a craniotomy in 2006, at Mayo, which was successful although I couldn’t speak when I woke up from the surgery so had to have 6 months of speech therapy to regain my speech. That’s my story. Take care.

Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I’m sorry to hear that it effected you in such a negative way.
Best wishes

Hi MYZ061080

I just read your your post regarding gamma knife. How did things go? Are you now a few weeks away from your first post GK MRI?

I had a GK procedure mid December. They said I’d get headaches 6 months out and was wondering if you experienced something similar.

My procedure was in August 2016 and went well. I returned to work about 3 days after my procedure. I experienced extreme fatigue for about the first week and then quickly felt better. I haven’t had any headaches, but have noticed that at times I have an issue recalling things. Some things I eventually remember, other times things not at all.
I have a six month follow up in February and it’s my understanding that a MRI won’t be done until August 2017.

Had mine done November 10th, I have some head aches, and still undecided on the memory part. Some days I think the short term might not be what it once was, although on other days I think its fine. I have noticed a delay in recalling things as well, names in particular but they usually come back. Sounds like things are going well all in all and happy to hear that!

I wish you well with your follow up in February. I too was extremely fatigued for the first week. I was given steroids for brain swelling which made me want to eat everything in sight.

Interesting about your ability to recall things. That would be hard.

Good luck.