Gamma Knife

Hi everyone!!! After talking with my doctor we have decided on doing the Gamma Knife surgery. If anyone has had this can you please let me know what your experience was like? Thank you all for your help!

I just had my 3rd GK 3 weeks ago. For the first one, I had MRI + angiogram that day. I had MRI, but no angio for the 2nd & 3rd GK.

For me, the worst part is having the halo removed at the end after coming out of the GK machine. By then, I've been at the hospital for several hours without eating or drinking anything (so I'm getting pretty cranky anyway) and the lidocaine has pretty much worn off.

I've actually taken naps during my 3 treatments, so the actual time in the machine isn't bad at all.

A month after the first GK, I had a craniotomy to clip 2 aneurysms. GK is SO much better than a crani!

After removing my halo this last time, they let me look at my MRI scans from June 2011 next to June 2012. Even to people who aren't doctors it was evident that the AVM is shrinking.