Gamma Knife Worked!


I have never been a frequent poster on this forum, but I really wanted to share this:

Two weeks ago I had my first MRI since my GK treatement. My doctor called the same day to tell me that I’m safe. The AVM is gone!

I had (!!!) a small AVM in my left temporal lobe which caused epilepsy (affected my speech). Now that the AVM has disappeared, there’s a 50/50 chance my epilepsy is gone as well, so I’ll probably start experimenting with my medication over the next couple of months (after talking to my neurologist of course).

The GK did cause some hair loss and it affected my energy levels for a couple of months, but now, my hair is back and I have more energy than I’ve ever had before.

Just wanted to share this to give hope to those of you that are still waiting or have a decision to make!


That’s great to hear and congratulations!

Fantastic news! I had similar news for e left temporal AVM i February 2019 a a result of an angio.


Fantastic! You made my week! (I’m sure the result has made your year!)

And doing the gamma knife thing needs you to have been oh so patient, so well done you!

Good luck with the meds. I hope you manage to shed them at a good point.

Very best wishes,


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So pleased for you. I had gamma knife and it worked. I think the worst thing I went through was all the waiting to see if worked! An emotional roller coaster! The AVM finally went then they saw I had an aneurysm which was hiding behind the AVM and now had that coiled but after all the treatment and finding out i had one was the waiting. Apart from that I’m happy with the outcome. Great feeling isn’t it being told its gonexxx


Thank you for posting this - GK was just recommended to me by my care provider for my unruptured AVM (I only learned what an AVM was last Friday when I was diagnosed) and I have been debating whether or not to leave it be or start GK treatment.



I was the same. Never heard of AVM until I was diagnosed too at 47yrs old! I’d like to raise awareness in the Uk as nobody I know had ever heard of them. Needs to be out therexxx

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Hi Monique,

Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience…may you continue to feel better!


How long after was your scan? Exactly how big was it? Mine was Almost 6 months ago and the radiology doc said it was very small as well like a cm big. Go in March for my MRI

I went for an MRI after year one, then after year two, followed shortly thereafter by an angio with the obliteration news. The time varies greatly depending on size mostly, but some they are able to give a little extra dose to given the location etc. Take Care, John.

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