Gamma knife with sedation?

Has anyone does gamma Knife with intoxication?

Hi, I’m wondering if you meant intoxication? Did you mean embolization? I’m not sure if spell check or translation may not be a factor?


I mean drugs to sleep so I don’t feel pins put in my skull

Okay, that makes sense to me! Mine was local anaesthetic only, but I do know one person who had gamma while not completely asleep was given additional medication for pain and relaxation. It was enough where she was quite drowsy, and kept her anxiety in check during the procedure. Certainly something to discuss. John


Thank you for your response.

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From what I understand after GK then you need steroids to manage brain swelling.

@rafarataneneces I don’t think this is what @giotap5 is concerned about at this point.

@giotap5 John is right, if you are concerned about the discomfort of the head frame for gamma knife, the doctor may offer you something to take away the pain of the pins.

It is possible to get some brain oedema with gamma knife radiotherapy but I don’t think you should worry about that at this point. I don’t think significant oedema always follows gamma knife treatment and it is unlikely to be an immediate trouble after your operation. If you do have any further questions, please ask.

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Thank you

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I mean drugs to sleep so I don’t feel pins put in my skull[/quote]

Hello, @giotap5, do you mind if we change the title of your post to read “sedation”, which is the more usual word for drugs to make you sleepy?

I’m Seenie, and I’m one of the administrators on the Ben’s Friends network. I am a rare disease patient, but I do not have an AVM. What I have had is two knee replacements and one hip replacement with “sedation”. Yes, I was technically “awake” when they sawed pieces of my bones, took them out and screwed in the metal parts. :grimacing: I vaguely remember strange sounds and I could tell that “something” was happening, but there was absolutely no pain. They also give you drugs that relax you very well. Please try not to worry about the pins, and trust the doctors.

And keep asking questions here! The folks on this community are awesome. We’re glad that you found us.

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Hi, I don’t mind for that. I am sorry for my English. You can change the word. Thank you for your help.

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Your English is still :100: times better than my Greek!

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