Gamma knife tomorow!

I have to say thank you to all of Beccas and my friends and family for your continued prayers and well wishes! She is about to undergo a procedure that will save her life yet may have challenging side affects, I have no doubt that she will overcome all of these adversities as they show themselves and with your help and support it will be easier for her, Becca is a survivor and has a strong spirit and she has a fragile side too. I will be by her side the whole way as I promised at the alter more then ten years ago. I know that all of you that are friends with her will be there for her too! She will need family more then ever to just love her and learn to be patient as this will test all of us. I love my Becca and I am praying that the Dr.s are guided to the right decisions as they perform the Gammaknife procedure.All prayers are welcome!

Prayers and best wishes for a successful gamma knife procedure tomorrow. Your obvious commitment to your wife is beautiful.

wow just minutes after the procedure Becca was talking to me and very coherent! this is truly a blessing I just hope they got all of it taken care of they did not expect her to be able to talk it is wonderful news and I heard it myself I just wanted to share that good things are possible and do happen. I know the road ahead is long and windy but this is a huge shot in the arm! I will keep you all updated as i can

That's wonderful news -- I'm so glad for you.

That is awesome and encouraging. I am having gamma knife soon. Its frightening.