Gamma knife surgery

About to receive gamma knife surgery on a 1.7 cm deep basal ganglia in the brain . They think one treatment will fix the problem . Not sure what all to expect ?

We have a radiosurgery group, where you can read about others' experiences, Erin: just click on "Groups" at the top of the page to find it. Everyone's experience is different, but the discussions on the group can help you be prepared. Best wishes for your surgery!

Hi Erin. How are you? My sisters avm is abt 3cm and she had it gamma last Sept 2013. So far shes doin good. She even claims thay her eyesight is better. Tho one of the risk the doctor advised us is that in 2 years the rupture or bleed might occur again. Because the result of the gamma happens in 2 yrs.the vein slowly shrinks or totally closes. Also, after two yrs, thats when we will know if it has been effective. But we claim shes cured. :slight_smile: My sister said the metal frame is soo painful to put on. But other than that, she says the procedure is ok. :).

Hi Erin, I had gamma in May 2013 my AVM is btwn 4-6cm. It sounds like you are lucky it is smaller they can zap it all in one session. It is true, there is a moment when they put on the frame it is feels like your head is being squeezed very tight and it can be painful and uncomfortable but I found that it went away very quickly and the rest of the day was fine and I was totally comfortable. Good luck!

Thank y’all for the information! Did y’all experience any side effects?

My husband had Gamma-knife for an avm in the same area. His avm is by his left thalamus/basal ganglia. His treatment was in October 2013 and we noticed that his balance was worse after the treatment and he felt fatigued. That resolved itself after a few days. He also complained of a sore spot on the top of his head and it took about three months for it to go away. Everyone seems to respond differently to the treatment so you never know what side effects you may have. Good luck with your surgery!