Gamma knife surgery post effect

My wife was diagnosed AVM through brain hemorrhage on 2003. Embolization treatment done on 2003 temporarily. Gamma knife treatment done on 2006. After repeated follow up, no AVM symptoms confirmed through MRI on 2010.

Now, we found new lesion identified nearby area in brain through MRI last week. Many doctors advised to go for brain surgery and remove new lesion. But few doctors suggesting this new lesion due to Gamma knife treatment side effect. So, we can wait for 8 weeks and go for again MRI scan again. Is it advisable to wait for 8 weeks? Any body having similar side effects post Gamma knife surgery? Please share your inputs.


Hi Rosan, what type of lesion? I had gamma knife 18 months ago and am unaware of it causing more AVMs, but do know there is sometimes scar tissue present. John

Hi Rosan,
I have had two Gamma knife procedures.
I have had no new lesions and the procedures were far apart and several years ago. After many MRI checks since then. no new lesions. I’ve seen all the scar tissue, however. My AVM is mingled with active brain tissue. The doc should show you difference between the scar tissue and other things on your MRIs.
Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

New lesion removed through surgery last week and clinically tested and confirmed as radiation induced necrosis.