Gamma Knife " sorted "

Hi everyone,
Well i went in on the 14th and came home on the16th,two every long days. The hospital i stayed in was very good and the people were very kind and understanding. Having an MRI,Anugram and the Gamma Knife in one day takes it out of you, having the frame fitted to your head is a little weird but i soon got used to it. The steroids that they give you over the few days did help me to cope, its when you get home that you feel like crap !!!

The out come was good for me, left eye is not working ( been told that will heal in a few days ) and my whole body feels heavy and hard to move, i know that this is a waiting game and having the treatment is just the start, but i do feel that i can begin to look forward !!!

( everyone )

If anyone wants to know anything about the treatment, just let me know !!!

( Hope this made sense , still unsure with myself )

Welcome home, Jerry! It must feel good knowing that you zapped that bugger! lol

Hello Jerry. Excellent work-you must be exhausted! REST. SLEEP. Be so very good to you. Take good care of you. Looking forward as you are moving forward is how I see you today…another step in the journey on your road to…a day as good as it can be and on to even better, yes? You and yours are in my prayers. May God guide you, guard you and hold you in the palm of his hand as always. Have the happiest Christmas and the best of New Year to you and yours. An awesome beginning to the end of that incidious and interfeering monster! You are fabulous, strong and determined and I wish you smooth sailing…

Great job. Yes, you do need to rest! One more part of this is done now. Take care of yourself, Jerry.

Hi Jerry , Where did you get your Gamma done ? My daughter is 12 and has had 2 treatments at Jefferson in Philadelphia PA . It just amazes me that Gamma Knife is an outpatient surgery . Her next treatment will be in May of 09 . I am going to fight for an overnight stay . Her last treatment in Nov of 07 , we literally wheeled her to the car directly from the recovery room . She looked like a wounded soldier with the bandage on her head and still on anesthia . Big time headache and still felt yucky the next day . Good luck to you !

That great Jerry, I wish you well. I will tell Omzie about you as she is worried about going.
Have a Happy Holiday Jerry, Best Wishes. x

All the best. I had gamma on 9th dec, and went 2 sleep 4 the whole thing under ga. The sites where the frame was are already healing. This is a big step we’ve got through on our journey - onwards and upwards from here.

Well?? How are you feeling now? Were your first few days pretty rough? I bet you are really tired. Hope you can manage to enjoy this holiday season.

Happy new year Jerry how are you feeling now? I am flying down around feb to have the same thing Linac treatment its a pretty scary thing! Did they tell you about any possible side effects? I hope you are feeling a little better

Hi Jerry

I would really like to talk to you. My husband has the AVM to his left side of brain too. The AVM is 6cm in size and we are due to go back to Kings on tues 3rd march for another meeting with the consultants. I have not heard of Gammaknife? What is it??
Regards Claire and John from Kent