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Gamma Knife scheduled for 6/13/17 Any advice?


Hi KSue! The advise I have for you to gammaknife procedure is the same a user from tis forum gave me and I didn´t believed him, but is don´t worry! If you already have had an MRI and angio before you kow how it is (I hate both) but Gammaknife itself you feel nothing… you don´t even believe at that moment that is happening something. The medication that was given after made me insomnia and when I stopped it I felt my left side becoming all numb again , but that is specific from my avm, so, don´t think again about the gammaknife, it seems science fiction I would say…even the frame attached to the head is not a big deal, don´t be nervous or stressed because there´s really no need (altought I was concerned exactly like you!)


Hi Rita, sorry for so long to reply, I have been away up north and off line. I have been fortunate, I had a lot of pain initially but it subsided and virtually disappeared, just the odd “weird” feeling in my head now. I did not experience la lack of sensation. Initially as well I was super sensitive to light, sound and certainly did not manage much “hub bub” very well but it slowly subsided and disappeared. I tried really hard to get back to work, it was a measuring stick to me. I returning on reed hours and limited tasks in a graduated return to work program. My work place was incredible and maybe even a little over protective of me. But that is me, all our injuries from these things are so different, the effects and impacts. I think, and of course this is a personal opinion, that to get back one has to be ready or risk having a negative impact. I also do not believe anyone could set a time line, it is so individual and based on so many factors. I’m not sure my reply has helped but again can only relay my personal experience based on my set of unique circumstances. John