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Gamma knife recovery

Hi there. I am a 37 yo married mom of 3. I was recently diagnosed with a left frontal lobe avm with a nidal annuerysm. They found this after a work up for a few near fainting episodes. I am a nurse also so I am not a great patient. I am getting gamma knife radiation this Thursday. My kids have a school play the next day and then another event on Saturday. Just wondering how you felt after this procedure and if there are any contraindications a few days after the procedure. Thank you in advance.

Hello I am sure being a nurse you know how its done,its a day surgery you will be okey to go home but it is always good to rest.I was kept overnight at the hospital because I had a seizure and that’s how i was diagnosed.You can have a headache by having that head structure on the whole day. What I basically mean is,it wornt be like a normal day that we can get up and get on like normal day. Yow need to rest. Go for your kids concert if you can but rest well all other times.I had a very mild seizure a day aftter the doctor said things like that could happen as reactions to radiation. Basically rest is my advice.Wishing you all the best.

Hi and welcome! I had gamma knife in November 2016, my AVM was discovered due to a bleed. I could feel where the frame was attached for a few days but I would have been able to go to my kids play if on, but you will need to be careful to get good rest. I know how a nurse takes that type of advice as I’m married to a nurse! I went in for 6:00 and was home y 1:00 pm. Everything went smooth for me. Again welcome and take care, John.

Thank you. I will rest. Hope you are doing well.

I got the word of obliteration after my last angio in February. I have one more Neuro Surgeon appointment on Monday, will thank them, profess my incredible respect for what they do and how they treat people and then tell them I hope to never see them again! I’ll drop off a Tim Horton’s coffee card to the nurses and staff in the Gamma knife department, and be on my way. I will have another MRI in two years and after that who knows!

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Hi Megkup, Hello and welcome. I am nurse too and I’m not the best patient.

I had gamma knife surgery last year July. The procedure itself was quick and over in a total of about 2.5 hours for me (includes the fitting of the frame and waiting). I took two months to recover as I experienced horrible side effects from the medication as well as the gamma knife. I was very tired after gamma knife surgery. I was very nauseous after the procedure and very tired. Recovery time does vary amongst individuals so I would advise making sure you take it easy for the first week and see how you feel. The leaflets state that patients can return to work and normal activities after a few days. My advice would be to take this with a pinch of salt and listen to your body. All the best.

HI - I have frontal lobe AVM and had gamma knife 8 weeks ago. No side effects. I would say was tired a good week after and sore where frame was fitted but more or less back to normal the next day so you can go and do things but don’t over do it.

Thank you. Glad you are well