Gamma Knife on January 22nd

My MRI and Angiogram revealed that the AVM is somewhat deep in my right frontal lobe. It’s 2.7 cm at its largest point, which makes me a good candidate for Gamma Knife. Surgery could result in paralysis on my left side, so Gamma Knife was clearly the best choice for me. I’ve never had a bleedout and I hope to keep it that way.

I’m having the Gamma Knife on January 22. I feel pretty good about Gamma Knife obliterating it (even though that’s a long wait that won’t be much fun), but after reading some discussion boards about it on here I’m a little more nervous side effects than I was before.

It’s still my best option, though, so I just need to get back to feeling positive.

Best of luck to everyone! I wish you wellness and happiness.

Hi Shana
I want to wish you luck on your upcoming Gamma Knife. It has been 2 years since I had it done. I didn’t really have any side effects. Just alittle tired and headaches(although they may be due to the AVM, not the Gamma Knife) I think the hardest thing is the waiting game, and the anxiety of thinking this AVM could bleed anytime. I suffered from a ruptured aneurysm before they found the AVM so the fear of that headache returning is always in the back of my mind.Just had 2 year follow up angiogram, and everything looks good. Hopefully the end is near…and no dangerous surgery. I will keep you in my thoughts. Good Luck.

Best of luck to you!

good luck to you,im going jan.12 for eval. and to set date for gamma knife at vanderbilt

hi there I had linac done the same as gamma youll be fine a little sore but the next day I was out and about, good luck here to chat