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Gamma knife of avm in the cerebellum

I all, my date for gamma knife if approaching fast. I am having two procedures (as the avm is big) which will be spread 2 months apart. I am interested in anyone who has had gamma knife in this same area (cerebellum) and if you suffered any side effects and whether gk got rid of your avm?

many thanks


Hi, Hubby has a large AVM in the cerebellum. Picked up by accident by a CT for headaches. anyway they also picked up a large aneurysm close to the avm and probably caused by the avm..The aneurysm was coiled and radiation was booked a few months later to hopefully deal to the AVM. it has been one year post radiation. Steriods were a buggar to get off but was the only thing to settle his head down at times (brain swelling from the radiation). Fatigue is still a bit troublesome and the odd headache. He was told that symptoms may come and go for a couple years but a small price to pay as opposed to the surgery which carried a very high risk and was not recommended. Good Luck with your treatment.