Gamma Knife done!

We had to be at University of Kentucky at 8 a.m. this morning, after being checked in we where taken to the Gamma Knife suite where I changed into a hospital gown and left on my jogging pants. A little while later after 6 tries my IV was put in. At about 10 the team came in and gave me some drugs for pain and to relaxe me while they placed my halo, it didn't take very long and wasn't real bad. a little while after that they took me to MRI, I am extrememly clausterphobic and it was pretty bad because the drugs where wearing off but I made it with the help of the best nurse I have ever had David!

Went back to the suite with my wonderful husband and waited while the plans where made for my treatment. A specialist came in and out a clear ball type thing on my head and made measurements and triple checked them, all the while David was there letting me know what to expect from everything, even what they where going to say before they said it so there would be no surprises. (Did I say He was awesome)?

After maybe an hpur they came and got me and took me to the Gamma Knife room. It was a huge nice room with camaras watching and a huge machine that looked new, nice, and very state of the art. When the team came in to attach my head I freaked out like a 7 year old.. I cried, I hyper vetalated and told them I couldn't do it! My hear raced and I had ab anxiety attack. David explained how it was musch better then the MRI and was not very closed in but when they attached the head frame and I couldn't move I freaked. My awesome Doctor with his nice voice sais We will get you something to relaxe you and I promise you will be fine wih it. About 2 min. later I was calm and relaxed and napping in the nice quite machine. they whwere right it was much better then the MRI. 45 min. later they had me out and on my way to my room to have my halo removed. I bled quite a bit but it wasn't bad, I had to stay about an hour to be monitored because of the extra meds they had to give me for anxiety and by 6 o/clock we where home sweet home in Louisville Kentucky.

My head hurts but tylenol helps, I have blood in my hair and can't wash it till Wed. but I will be ok, and I thank God it's over.......for now.

Sending positive vibes your way!