Gamma Knife completed-lots of Nausea, anyone else?

I finally had my Gamma knife on 11/20. Suppose it went well. I have had a lot of nausea, not to the throwing up stage. Called the Dr. this morning just to check, they advised to go to my primary and get something for nausea. He said this is "not normal", but with this, nothing is normal. So just curious if anyone else had this symptom, and maybe others I can expect.


I had my third round of radiation November 23. Felt great for the first few days afterwards, then felt super drained and had nausea off and on up until last night. Still tired. Don't remember feeling this tired with tha other 2. But I was looking for experiences with radiation and fatigue. Seems I must have had that problem with the last treatment, because I found my previous post from 2013. At least I answeredm y own question.

I felt like I had the flu for a month after my gamma knife. About 2 weeks after, a giant patch of hair fell out. Nausea, increased headache, fatigue. The radiation oncology neurosurgeon warned me to expect some symptoms of radiation sickness so I expected it, but still no fun. The other time to watch for neuro changes is 1-2 years after gamma knife when you can get brain swelling or radiation necrosis if it progresses. The good news is that as unpleasant as my bout with radiation necrosis was, it meant that the radiation was obliterating the AVM. Hang in there my friend. Best of luck in your recovery.

Thank you so much for responding. When did those side effects stop? I have has some hair loss, but was not expecting it. But it was just this week, so I hope that's over. It's been 2 1/2 weeks since I had the gamma, and I have lots of fatigue and still nausea, loss of appetite also.

It's been almost 4 months for me. Nothing like that. I have just recently been having the nausea again and headaches.

Thanks for sharing y’alls experiences it is very helpful!