Gamma knife a third time?


Hi guys! My stories started 24 years ago. It’s been a long process to get where I am, but I made it. Now I am facing a dilemma again. I suffered a stroke at 17 and pregnant. Went through a D&C before any treatment was considered. Went through embolism, then a crainotomy. Shortly after that I went for GK in '94. 4 years later what was treated had been obliterated. That was the good news, however it was discovered that the vessels that had been embolized were expanding around the coils that were used at the time. So, I went back to receive another GK treatment. A couple of year after that the Dr.'s thought it too was obliterated. The next MRI revealed that was not the case, so I watch and wait. Fast forward to 2015 I begin to have symptoms and undergo an angiogram since I moved to a new city. I get the 50/50 talk and decide to wait and keep it under observation. I started to have TIA symptoms, which I believe was caused by vasospasms. New set of docs recommend GK again, but red flags due to possible necrosis if treatment may be an area that was treated previously. The doctor that did the GK has since passed away and the records concerning the treatment have been destroyed due to me not having been a patient of his for 20years. I am totally frustrated, and unsure what my next step is. The interventional radiologists stated that I was not a candidate for embolism again as the AVM is only 7mms.

Any advice is gladly welcomed