Hey all!

I’de like to start some type of fundraiser to raise money for AVM research…I know I would be able to raise a lot of money doing this…does anybody know of a valid organization that does valid research? I want it to do some good!


You should doublecheck with Jaime, Nathan’s mom. She was in the process of setting up a fund in memory of Nathan.

Actually, we are in the process of getting this information out to everyone as we are getting ready to post the new information about the Awareness Walk in May in California held by The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation. From that website you will be able to get your fundraising started for funds to go directly to TAAF which is a non profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives, support networks, and medical care of those affected by aneurysm, AVM, and other vascular malformations. Stay tuned!

Great! I’m very excited for this!=]

hey!! hope things are well for you and yes i may have an answer!! oprah!! it would be great and you could even invite some people to go with you and it would be all expenses paid!! go for it!! ive got a story that i have yet to bring to this family!! good luck!!!