I would like to Host a Tupperware Fundraiser For Our AVM Survivors & Family's... I Always See things for other causes but I haven't for this VERY IMPORTANT CAUSE (not saying there is no FUNDRAISING going on I just have never seen it & would like to do something special) I have a few ideas on what it should benefit & would like to know if anyone else would be interested in doing something with me Thank you

What a nice idea, Natasha. Many of our members have figured out creative ways to fundraise for avm research and/or awareness and have even formed their own charities. Ben's Friends also holds an online fundraiser each year to cover the costs of running the networks. Best wishes for this project, and let us know how it goes.

Thank You & I Sure Will... I Want The Proceeds To go To Families That Need It...I Remember Living In The Hospital Without Food For Months Being Pregnant With Twins...& Wanting To Do Something Special With My Son Before It Consumes Him ( At The Time Never Being Able Too) So I Now Want To Give Back So Others Have Help :)

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What a wonderful idea! Tupperware makes a good product and being a bachelor, I have some.. :)

What an amazing idea and what a blessed soul you are!