Functional MRI

So my neurosurgeon ordered a functional MRI for me… Does anyone know what that is or has had it done? Because I have the slightest idea what they are going to do to me… I know it shows what parts of my brain are effected by my AVM and what they control ( functions) But what should I expect?

By the way my manager is going to kill me for this too… its a will call they only have one doctor in my area who does this, and oh its on the ONE day she asked me to come in at 4am until 2pm shes going to freak out…

Hi Katie! My daughter Ashley had a functional MRI done…they show you pictures, ask you questions, etc to map what part of your brain responding so they can determine what parts of your brain your AVM is near. Ashley said it was loud, boring, and her back/neck got sore from laying in the MRI machine so long…nothing scary or painful though!! Best Wishes! Denise

I think they give you a handheld buzzer type device to respond or they have you think your response…obviously they don’t want you to move and Ashley said that was the worst part…she got very sore and stiff…hope this helps some! Denise

Heyy Katie! Okay well i got a functional MRI done about a month ago and i got paid for it!! =] You lay there for about 1 1/2 and I watched a movie for about 30 minutes and then after that they asked me nouns and i had to think of verbs and it was pretty fast. You don’t have to say them but you do have to think of them. Then, they said a list of numbers and i had to repeat them in order the best i could and then finally i had to hand-held button things and on the screen i saw buttons that lite up and i had to press them with my fingers. After that i just layed there and it was basically over. It wasn’t to bad but i still didn’t find out the info from it. Good luck and hopefully this helps =]

Katie, my neuro ordered a functional MRI also, mine is scheduled for 8/5 with my GK on 8/10. From what I understand it helps to better map out which area the AVM is and what areas it is controlling…mine is close to my speech center of my brain. I’m glad you posted this, as I was getting ready to ask the same thing about the functional MRI. Being extremely claustrophobic, and having to be alert for this test, they said they would give me a valium to ease my nerves; they said they’d ask simple things like tapping my finger. When’s yours going to be done? We can compare notes, afterwards. Sounds like our AVMs are similarly located; fortunately, mine is small enough for GK, but too deep for surgery…wishing you the best…always believe…robin