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Full Body Massage Safe With AVM?


I was just diagnosed with an unruptured AVM and there’s weeks of angiograms and discussions of treatments in my near future.

In the meantime, before my diagnosis, I was doing full-body massages to help with circulation and spasticity on my weak left side.

Does anyone here regularly take massages? Do you think I should stop? I left word with my neurologist and his nurse practicioner didn’t seem concerned, but I’m wonderng. The massages really help the stiffness on my left side, but should I stop?


Not a problem, Yunnieman. Your avm is likely in your RT hemisphere correct? That is why your left side is affected. Remember, you have lived your entire life with it. Best of luck GK

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Welcome Yunnieman! Its great that you found us, and don’t be afraid to lean on us if required. We have a wide range of experience here as patients and care givers. The folks here were incredible when I was first diagnosed following a bleed. Hopefully the future direction gets clearer soon as you undergo the barrage of tests. I’ve had 4 CTs, 5 MRIs, 3 Angiograms and gamma knife but don’t glow yet! Take Care, John.

I’m pretty sure it will help you. What you want to be doing is keeping your blood pressure nice and low. If the massages are helping your spasticity and helping you relax, it sounds good to me. Other things to do are to cut out smoking, coffee/caffeine/cola, chocolate, alcohol and anything else that spikes your blood pressure.

Good luck with the angiograms, etc. Let us know how you get on and feel free to ask about anything.

Very best wishes,


Hi Yunnieman,

As some have pointed out you have more than likely had this AVM from birth with no issues… nobody wants to stop living their life but your neuro is the best person to ask this question to… God bless!

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I think it should be fine to have a full body massage as long as the massaging don’t occur anywhere where the AVM is located especially if its somewhere in your arms or legs. so go for it.