Frustration While Waiting On More Tests/Scans

Since my stroke on 4/20/11, I have had a Catscan, Catscan with Contrast Dye, Ultrasound on my Corridid Arteries, MRI and MRI with Contrast Dye and still do NOT have definite answers. I switched to a Neurologist at the University of Cincinnati and my appointment was on 6/5 and they wanted the Board of Neurology to review my scans. I received a phone call today and they want to do another MRI with Contrast Dye on a piece of equipment that provides clearer and more defined pictures to determine if my AVM also has an Aneursym or an "extra loop"??? They stated if they cannot determine from this next MRA on Thursday morning, they want to schedule a Cerebral Angiogram.

Is it me or has anyone else been so frustrated with all this testing and waiting on results and still not have definite answers?

Hi Kristina,

You are definately not alone in this and felt exactly the same way thru my AVM journey, however, it is so good that they are monitoring your situation so closely with all of these tests so that they can map out the BEST course of treatment options for you. It can be very frustrating as the patient as we want quick answers and results, however, unfortunately, I truly believe that this is not possible with AVMs and, having patience with your medical team is so very important. While patience with something like this is not anything that I got comfortable with, I finally was able to put my complete faith in the hands of my medical team understanding that they were the experts and were doing all of these tests, over and over again, to map out the best course of treatment for me which worked out so very well I must say. Please feel free to email me with any additional questions or thoughts that you want to share.

Please try to stay as positive as you can thru this journey that as placed before you and have Faith in your team of doctors that they are doing only what is BEST for you.

Peace be yours!