From Suen to Milton Waner NYC

So I have gone on quite the little journey on here ... from being very upset and confused with my drs to finding one sooo far away to then one of MY orginials thinking to sending me to Harvard... to now he has finally settled with wanting to send me to see Dr Milton Waner in NYC. I actually concur with him ! finally ... Has anyone here seen Dr Waner ? He is actually Dr. Suens collegue and they worked together for many years. I am very excited to go see him and that he is on the East coast with me. NYC is 4 hours away from me where AK is a bit of a hike from NOVA. I was just wondering if anyone here had been treated with him. He helped Co-found the clinic in AK.


I see no one has responded. Suggest you go to the search box in the upper right of this page and type in Warner. There are 19 PAGES of message with his name in them.... Should give you plenty of reading.......

Have fun,
Ron, KS