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Hi. I found out I have pavm,s back in August last year by accident. I had double pneumonia and had gone into respiratory failure and almost died of sepsis in ITU. I had my avms done by embolisation on Thursday. It was a hideous experience. My mental health condition of anxiety, depression and BPD…borderline personality disorder, made it so frightening. After the procedure the surgeon told me I have an even bigger one higher up in the lung. How in heavens name am I going to conjure up the courage to have that one done. I feel so frightened and alone.



Hello again!

I’m sorry you’re having such a tough time of it. I was rather hoping that having made it successfully through your first embolization, you’d be ok about a second.

It’s a difficult thing to ask about but why did you feel your experience on Thursday was so difficult? I’m hoping that by sharing we might help you.

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Hey, thankyou for replying so quickly. I think I am frightened because every time I have to go into hospital, which seems rather a lot…lol. I suffer complications. I was in Itu after routine appendectomy that turned into a life threatening respiratory failure. Before that I had a hysterectomy and developed an abscess afterwards that also became sepsis. Lol…sounds like a novel, but it’s true. I suspect I’m being unreasonable and silly, but I am really afraid. I’m sorry if I seem miserable or a pessimist. I’m really not, I’m just a frightened lady. :two_hearts:


Ok, so you’ve been pretty unlucky to have had a really bad time so far!

Was there anything difficult about your recent embolization or is it a bit of an exception, so far?


Diamond, you’ve had a tough go of it with your hospital experiences for sure. I had gamma knife so can’t speak to the embolization part with any personal knowledge. I do know that you’ve been unfortunate in your experiences, although it sounds like the embolization procedure may have gone as well as possible given the circumstances. We are quite a group here with a wide variety of experiences, you are certainly among friends. Hopefully your most recent experience and some planning time can put you in a good place for future treatments. Take Care, John.


You are NOT unreasonable and silly. You are a very tough person. Just admitting you ARE scared is brave. Some people can’t do that and that’s what you needed to do. Im taking a chance because I’m new here but i think that we aren’t just sympathetic, we are empathic for you.
Stay the course, girl and ALWAYS ask questions … and for help.

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