Friday 13th June 2008

Went to see the doc this morning about my employment problem. Thank goodness there is someone out there who will listen to me, and can actually see I’m not a complete idiot. Doc wrote a letter for me to take to my employer confirming I am fit to work hours as I feel capable.

Problem - my boss wasn’t in the office today, and nobody was prepared to revise her decision in her abscence despite the doctors letter… this is soooo frustrating.

Today I find out that my so called friend at work has taken it upon herself to devise an emergency plan ready for when I collapse in a heap on the floor, and involved the whole of the office in ‘keeping an eye on me’. Then called my partner behind my back and said how much I’m struggling, and is very worried that I won’t take my medication. It’s all lies!!! I don’t have any medication to take during the day, and I’m really enjoying my job if only I would be allowed to get on with it and do it.

Please give me some control over my life!!!

Oh well, a weekend off now. Maybe next week will be better.