I’ve been depressed for my loss of Freedom! I’m sure that everyone at our beloved AVM Survivor Network understands. I always was so free before my brain injury. Oh well, I will get over it, but my short term memory loss is not working to help me to stop thinking about my loss of freedom!

AVMs do take a lot away, but it’s good to see yours didn’t take your sense of humor!

Hugs about the loss of freedom, though. That’s hard, I know.

Hi Louisa,

The comment about your short term memory loss was funny! Hope each day brings some of your freedom back.

Take care,


i too grieve but for the loss of physical freedom …i miss the days…where i could just get up and jump in the car and take myself wherever i wish…as our brains continue to repair our freedom will be restored never quit believing dear friend always here for you…all my love and positive energies to you alicia xxx

You are not alone,Louisa! I can deal with the pain, but I sure do miss my freedom! I hate being constantly watched and being told what I can or cannot do like a child!

wow! i can really imagine how hard it is to be deprived of something that you once enjoyed a lot! just like when the doctor stressed to me a couple of times before he signed my discharge notice, the three LESS that caused me depression : LESS THINKING, LESS TALKING, AND LESS WALKING!
yet, these three less never stopped me from doing what i CAN DO… that i think is really important…
thus, though we think we lost the FREEDOM, we still are free to live the life we have now… though we’re constantly watched over by our loved ones, that i think is very sweet of them to be protective of our well-being… (^.^)

I just had a day of depression…and thinking of losing my freedom was just thought that one day. I understand that people with a brain injury get days like that every once in a will! I am glad I am alive, I really am…it was just one day that I felt that way!

Oh honey, been there, done that! I’m starting to get very depressed myself these days and it’s for the same reasons as you. I have absolutely no freedom anymore. My husband is afraid to leave me alone for any real length of time, so I have “friends” and family looking in on me all the time. It’s annoying. I can’t drive so I can’t just pick up and go like I used to before. That’s one of the worst things. And don’t you get really tired of people telling you “at least you’re still alive”? Hell yea I’m glad I’m alive, but it doesn’t negate the fact that sometimes our circumstances suck! So, come down to NC and visit me, we’d have a blast and not remember it the next day! Hang in there my friend, you’re bound to feel like crap some days and pretty darn good on others. We all relate and sympathize!

It is hard when you have lost your freedom. The things we done before that we thought nothing of and would give anything for right now can make it so hard. Not being able to drive has been one of the hardest things for me. Having people call me constantly to check on me and see how I am doing. It has been over 2 years since my surgery and my dad still introduces me as “the daughter that has had 2 brain surgeries” I am to the point where I just want to say. SHUT UP AND GET OVER IT!!! lol I want to be treated like a normal person and by him introducing me that way I will never stand a chance. I dont want people to feel sorry for me or think I am fragile or sick.
Its true that I still have a hard time…Who on here doesnt? I bet no one. We all have our issues with our illness and are trying to deal with them the best way we know how. And that is just it, we need to accept what is going on and try our best to learn our new way of freedom. we are free to live and breath. Some people on here can’t walk but have a wonderful way of expressing themselves with words. I have a horrible way of expressing myself since my brain hemorrhages and 2 surgeries. My words just dont come out like I want them to and that is how I feel like I have lost most of my freedom. Especially after a seizure and I have asphasia and can’t say anything right and no one understands me.
We are all here for you and when you are depressed just type away and let everyone know what is bothering you. A lot of the time writing things out and getting them off of your chest can be the best medicine! Lol after months and months of nothing coming out right at ALL I got to where I would write…lol which isn’t a lot better but at least I get the point across. And it helped me so much! I’m here if you ever need anything and I’m a great listener. :slight_smile:

Sweet little Britteny. You are smarter than an old lady like me! I am so happy that you are my friend in my AVM Survivor Network! I need a smart girl!