Freaking out help!

Ok so as you all know i am waiting for madison’s cat scan results from last week to see if it is in her bone…however in the meantime i didnt know that i was entitled to all of madisons reports from doctors and imagining so i had requested those and i got them in the mail today. Her cat scan from a year and a half ago says “the cortex is slightly thickened and minimally irregular in apparance with some very small areas of discontinuity that may represent where vessels are penetrating through the bone” what the #%#$%#$W does that mean…does that mean that a year and a half ago it was already starting to move towards her bone cause they never freaking told me that…help please answer this for me anyone

Don’t hesitate to call your neurosurgeon’s office immediately. You won’t get in too see him or her but you can leave a message with the nurse and the neurosurgeon should get back to you today.

If you can’t get someone at CHB to call back immediately, try your primary care and read that to them. It may not be what you are thinking it is. The bone has blood supply, it isn’t just the solid mass you see as a skeleton in your bio class. So the sentence could be misleading. But obviously you want someone to explain what it does mean in laymans terms.
I know you have been under a lot of stress with finding out the seriousness of Maddy’s condition and that you are definately feeling let down and somewhat ignored by CHB. But they are a wonderful hospital and your docs are very knowledgable. They are some of the best to be able to advise you and to treat. I know it is hard to not have all of the answers now, but try to not freak out too much. Just place the call and see if someone can get back to you today. Do you have an email adrs for Dr. Muliken? If you send him an email you just may get a response tonight.
Hang in there. Get some ice cream…