Freaked out a bit

My brother-in-law’s step mom had an anuerysm yesterday. She is on life support. They have done some tests to determine brain activity and there isn’t any. I think they are going to stop the life support sometime soon. Its freaking me out at this time since I don’t have a diagnosis yet and this whole thing just scares the @#$% out of me. Friday is my CT myelogram so thats making me even more aware of all this. My husband just tried to calm me down but said “She didnt have a stroke, she had an anuerysm”. HELLO!!! What do you think I could have? Just wanted to get this out there for my piece of mind.

Marci, I’m so sorry that you are freaked out! But I totally would be too. It’s normal and I would think you were strange if you weren’t a little worried. I tell you, these AVM’s can scare the bejeesuz out of you! And I an only imagine that waiting for the diagnosis was hard enough…not to mention having a very “close to home” reminder of it.
And your poor husband :slight_smile: Trying to calm you down… poor thing doesn’t have a chance with that at the moment!
Go ahead and freak out a bit…the extra energy you expend will end up calming you down in the long run!!! And if that doesn’t work…maybe you will have to make yourself some “special” tea…
Hang in there lady! And good luck on Friday!

Freak out to your heart’s content. Its your body’s way of dealing with the stress.
Sorry to hear about your relative…

Marci sorry to hear about your relative, and i hope as went well on Fri, take care