For those who are recovering


I just wanted to remind you that there is hope and to never give up.

I wanted to start this post to see if we can all shares tips and pointers on recovery whether it be from a stroke ( due to AVM), memory, or whatever you all are dealing with :slight_smile: lets lift one another and see where this goes.


The hardest part for me is patience (not one of my virtues) recovery is such a slow process but if you keep trying and pushing your limits you will slowly get better; but always remember to listen to your brain, if you’re tired sleep, if your getting dizzy, overwhelmed or frustrated give it a rest…don’t push yourself too hard or you’ll just make things worse.


Hi Mike! Thank you so much for sharing. I agree with you 100%! Sometimes we think we can take on more than we can handle.


I am now three months post and feeling a little better. I do fight a constant battle between doing enough and doing too much. I think right now I need to take a day or two off. You forget how little you do before becoming exhausted. Listening to your body becomes so much more important


I am in the weeds of this thing, just three months post avm resection and really missing my old life
I just recently discovered the swimming pool. The water bouncy helps to keep me up. Since I have balance issues, in the pool I don’t have to focus and try so hard to move around. I feel almost “normal” again. It was fantastic, great therapy too


You’re doing well then, three months is still early.
I’m coming up on 3 years and though I’m not sure I’ll ever feel normal again I’m functional socially I just don’t think I’ll ever get back to work again as my brain can’t handle that much input.
Keep trying and you’l continue to see improvements in your life.


So true buddy. So so true.


Listening to your body is SO important. But I have always put great store in positive mental attitude too. I know for some its a lot more difficult than others. But I really think if you get depressed and feel the whole world is against you it doesn’t help. The hard part is turning these feelings off (or at least putting them further back in your mind) and concentrating on the positives of life. We are here despite everything and that’s worth celebrating.


Thanks for your post. I have balance issues and find this tires me quickly. The constant effort to not trip over my feet or to. Ensure they are where I think they are. Anyway I will be trying swimming it might be the more relaxed exercise I need on those tough days