For Those of You who are Creative

I just read this article today about people who have cancer and started to write poetry as a way to deal with their illness. Perhaps this is also a great idea for people with AVMS. Enjoy the article:)

I can't attest to the poetry part, but it was suggested to Chari that she journal or blog about her journey with Cancer. I think that's a good way to get in touch with and identify your feelings, which is probably a good thing.

A dear friend of ours died from cancer a few years ago. During his last 6 months, I helped his wife with a blog. It was amazing for her to write (she'd email inputs to me, and I'd post them). The really amazing part was that people they knew would comment to the blog. As both were teachers and coaches, the number of students they touched in 20+ years in the same district was amazing. Both to the blog, and at Jack's funeral, there were several parents there with their kids--and both generations had been a student of Jack or Tally's.

It's a sad/tragic read, but the stories are uplifting at times. It's at

Ron, KS

I’m a firm believer in journaling or blogging on a regular basis - it gets the “junk” that’s inside of you outside of you, as well as many other benefits.

I’ve done some lyric writing - which pretty much borders on poetry.

I like the concept. Thanks for shining a light on this subject.