For the First Time

Do you find that doing something for the first time ever
is difficult for you after recovering from an AVM?
I hate to deal with new situations and actually I have
had enough problems in the past with doing things that
I once did without digging up new problems!

I had never been horseback riding in my life, and
having grown up in the east the only time I had
ridden at all was when a child being on a pony
at a fair where an adult led the pony and I just
managed not to fall off.

My wife was about the same way, although in ancient times
she had a GG/Grandfather who was once in the Civil War
cavalry and so likely could ride quite well!

We were given a brief instruction on riding and then
we were helped up on to the animals and off we went.
On the way out I was told that it would last 3 hours.
Well, we had horses that knew the routine quite well,
and were very understanding of us all and so we just
guided them some and managed to tell them when to stop
and whatever.

It was hot, but the scenery was grand in old Utah, and
we looked somewhat like cowboys even if we didn't feel
like it. A person in front of me let their horse get too
close to a bush and a limb forced them off the horse, but
it was no problem as we were going so slow.I was happy
that at least I didn't fall off.

When we were finished I was sore in places that I didn't
know I had places and so were some others! It is good
to try new things and have new experiences and it helps us
to come back from our disasters! And I was proud to ride
my first horse at an age of over 52, and about 4 years after my AVM burst. If we can do this
we can do other things that we could not imagine.

Hi John, I am sure that I have experienced something similar but I cannot quickly relate a great example as you have done in this positing. I hope you are enjoying a good winter; I find that it's too cold for me in upstate NY but I know from watching the national news we could be in a much more intense situation. Thanks for sharing.

John, you always give me and others hope for a better life as we continue to recover from AVM ruptures. Thanks for sharing this experience!

Ok, thank you Susan. It is unbelievably cold here too, a couple hundred miles to the south!
At least we aren't in New England.

Thank you, Tim. You are so kind.