Hi everyone. It has been a while since I have posted here. Hoping you are all well. I am reaching out to see if anyone has suggestions for comfortable footwear. I struggle to find shoes or sneakers that I can wear comfortably. Like many other survivors, I have numbness in my feet, but I also have nerve pain in my heels. I try to walk for exercise, but the nerve pain combined with plantar fasciitis can make walking difficult. Anyone else experience this pain/numbness combination? Has anyone found a shoe or sneaker manufacturer that makes a comfortable product? I have tried the expensive walking and running sneakers. They can feel great in the store but after some use, the same problems come back. Thanks, Chris

Hi Chris:

I also have problems with heel pain and always suffered tremendously on long walks. I also have “flat feet” which causes my ankle to roll, swell and hurt. The only sneaker that allows me to walk, shop, picnic, enjoy summer fairs and concerts are Vionics or Orthaheel. These 2 brands improve my ankle position and thereby alleviates my heel pain. One other suggestion is the “Good Sense” store. They will custom fit your feet with Orthotics that may really help you. Good luck and welcome back to the site.

Sharon D…


Hi Sharon,

Thanks so much for your response and recommendations. It is good to have feedback from folks who have the same conditions. It looks like some local stores carry the Vionics brand, so I can check them out. Much appreciated!