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I just joined this site. I have AVM in my right foot and have had 2 embolization procedures that were both unsuccessful. I then tried out homeopathic medication for a year which also didn't do anything. The last thing we tried for a little bit of relief was accupuncture which seemed to help for a little bit but not as much as I was hoping. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can do/use to relieve the pain? It's a chronic sharp and throbbing pain in my foot. I'm 17 years old and it creates a lot of barriers for me when I want to do certain things.I also was wondering if there was anyone who has ever tried out medical marijuana whether it was just the cannibidoil or the actual thing itself and if it worked for them or not?
Thanks for the help and support

Hi, Colette, you may wish to repost this in the Extremity AVM group -- that is the best place to get feedback on your question. Just click on "Groups" at the top of the page to find it.

Also, Collette, it may be time to seek out a pain specialist, as well as to get further opinions on treatment from AVM experts.

Hi, I am now 36 years old and started having issues with my left foot AVM right around your age. My avm is right around my ankle area and extends to under my heel and is as large as a soft ball! I have had 8 embolization procedures each helps for about 6 months but then the throbbing pains comes back with a vengeance, so I still have constant throbbing and stabbing pain. The worst is at night when I finally settle in bed. But like you mentioned it hinders you from doing most activities! I recently got awarded Disability after constantly have to be out of work for procedures and pain! I am seeing a medical pain management doctor current and they have me on pain meds and nerve blockers, which help a little but doesn’t completely take the pain away. There are times that I cry all night because of the consistent pain. Pain management just recommended medical marijuana and it does have THC it comes in three forms, oil drops, vape pen or pill form. I am on the fence about trying it but a lot of people say it really helps with the pain.
Where are you from? What kind of issues does your avm give you ?