Is there any foods that you shouldn’t eat

Turmeric is a blood thinner. So ask your doctor.

For relief of swelling: cucumbers, lemon, watermelon. They are natural diuretics.

Great question. If you do a search, you might find a more comprehensive list. Pls post it.

Yes stay away from Turmeric which is in Indian food.

cherries are also good for pain

This is a great question. Going to feature it to try to encourage more discussion.

Also, please add foods that are good for AVM-people to eat. We used to have a Naturopathic Discussion Group; but I don't recall talk of nutrition.

I love Dr. Weiss MD, the naturopath who writes about healthy foods. I am the type of person who will bring a red velvet cake to a party; clearly marked as containing RED BEETS> Brownies with prunes. But I would never surprise someone.

Good idea Eileen
One of my favorite waters which you can get at Trader Joes and order online
is Gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water

I also like coconut water which has lots of good benefits and when I am super tired and feeling extra brain fog I drink it

I also take coconut oil daily pill form or in my coffee or tea

I only cook with coconut oil,extra virgin olive oil or Kerry Golds grass fed butter you can get it at costco at least in the bay area.

There is a great book called Coconut Cures.

I do high protein, low carb diet most of the time.

Love watermelon and cherries


Angela: A treasure trove of info to thank you for. Sounds like many will help with my edema problems. I always remember driving a nail into a real coconut when I was a kid. We were always doing experiments.

Kerry's Grass butter is great; we just started eating it.

Someone just mentioned that sparkling water to me the other day!

HI Angela,

Sorry, may I ask what kind of pain do you mean? Is it headache? Coz my son still got a headache but just a mild one and seldom happens. He is not been treated yet. So when he got a headache I just ask him to rest. He don't want to take any med because he said he is OK. He's 10.

Keep a log and see if any food/activity is a trigger. I did it and found it always happened after I used chemical cleansers. So I switched to all-natural. I resisted the log; now I am so happy. I actually believed I had an aura that made me clean, which led to migraine.

I have to read your profile; but most likely he should not be taking meds that might cause a bleed. Sometimes kids just get plain old headache. You are a wise woman not to over-react.

Hello RMA
It is head pain but different than a headache
Mine are more nerve pain like like a bad sunburn on my brain and my occipital areas
I am so sorry for your son
try either of these to help him either gel ice packs around his head or get one of those microwaveavble things for your neck but can fit around his head.

I do both depending-

also listen to eileen cleaning products can bring on headaches
I only use murphy oil for wood and vinegar with water or Method cleaning products

I have always been sensitive but it got worse
I use Bon Ami cleanser as well

Dont use fabric soften either

Also see if he likes coconut water over ice get the kind that does not have chunks

I will look later to see what kind I like it can help with my pain as well

Hugs Angela

Thank you dear