Food/Drink: Have your tastes changed?

To lighten up the discussions I would like to ask if/how your tastes has changed since your bleed.

For me, I was a Diet Pepsi-holic pre-bleed but two weeks out of it in the hospital changed that. I used to reach for a Diet Pepsi when I first woke up in the morning and ended my evenings with the same; averaging 4-6 cans/bottles a day. The caffeine kept me going, I was never a coffee drinker. Those two weeks shed the caffeine out of my body without even knowing it. At least now I am caffeine free except on headache days since caffeine is included in my meds. I now can’t stand the taste of colas or clear sodas. Now if I drink soda, its Root Beer (no caffeine) but only one can a day, usually in the evening.
I never was much for water especially my own well water. It was always bottled but now I can taste the filter processing in bottled water and now prefer my own unfiltered well water. I even drink the water at work (city water as my husband put it). I now drink more water than I ever had in my life.
I also used to drink sweet light white wines but now I prefer a fuller red wine like a merlot, cabernet or pinot noir. (Please don’t preach on the fact I should not be drinking when on the meds I’m on. My nuero just shrugged his shoulders when I asked.)
Food on the other hand is just different period. Things I used to really enjoy just aren’t the same. I just can’t put my finger on it. I also used to be a pretty good cook. I could make anything. I used to make many dishes from scratch, no recipe needed or if I had to follow a recipe I had no problems. Everything used to turn out great. It’s another story now. I really have to pay attention, not try to multi-task. (I flooded my laundry room one day when trying to make dinner and put some items in the laundry tub to soak-guess which one I lost track of!!!). I am getting better at it…slowly.
Tonight I finally had our supper down pat although it was ½ hour later than I thought it would be: roast chicken w/roasted veggies. I skipped making dessert but toyed with the idea of poached pears with chocolate sauce. I decided it would be too much effort and to many calories with the chocolate.
Over the holidays, I lost out to the sweets and ‘Reeses Peanut butter cups (something I could do without pre-bleed). By brain did not turn off its switch to stop eating sweets. That’s over now, except I can’t resist the cookies my husband ‘has to have’ in the house. (I am munching on one now…Oh well there’s always tomorrow.)
So how have your tastes changed since your bleed?

The problem is that my tastes have NOT changed but my body has! When I first woke up and was eventually cleared to swallow I was thrilled to eat "anything I want" bc I figured I was dreaming anyway. Now my CMD looks at my tongue (an Asian diagnostic tool) and tells me I can't digest protein-rich food, e.g. meat or beans. So now I'm vegetarian and kind of vegan. I've made good progress craving veggies, but sometimes I just want to eat ice cream and be done with it. :)atnt

Hi djs and I'm glad you posted this discussion. My first AVM bled in May of 2011 and I was hospitalized for 9 weeks (well the final 4 of those weeks were in a rehab in another hospital.) I don't remember the first 5 weeks at all but I learned that the staff used a feeding tube down my throat. Well, I could continue with what else I learned but to answer your question, there was a huge change in my tastes. For the last almost 3 years, I just eat to live and the best I hope for is that I can tolerate a food. I do not eat any sweets and I used to have a sweet tooth but the problem with this taste preference is that fruit tastes vile to me because of all the natural sugar. I can't drive so I accompany my husband to the grocery store and we always buy a bag of Lay's wavy chips because chips taste fine to me so I will eat a few every day and my husband likes them too. I do like to cook because I enjoy the various cooking processes and fortunately my husband likes the results. The main positive result of the change in my sense of taste is I have lost at least 40 pounds so I am now the size I was before I became pregnant and I like being a size 4 again so I think I could learn to like some things like sweets again but I choose not to work on that difference.