Followup MRI this evening

This month is 2 years since my 1st GK treatment & 1 year since my 3rd GK. I am about 3 weeks shy of the 2 year anniversary of my aneurysm clippings. I am scheduled for my MRI for 6:00 this evening.

I really hope things are looking good in my brain. My insurance company sent me a post card a couple of weeks ago--they have been in negotiations with the hospital for months & have yet to come to an agreement, and may not cover services with that hospital system beginning July 1. (This is for all patients, not just me). The thought of having to find a different neurosurgeon & using a different hospital system has me nervous.

I really do think, though, that my MRI will show the AVM shrinking--there has been so much improvement in my headaches. My migraines have been fewer & less severe since last August. Even daily headaches are no longer daily.

Wow! That is awesome your headaches are easing up, I know it helps u make it thru the day. Good luck with your MRI tonight, I will be praying for you. Perhaps you can talk to your doctor and see if the hospital has any assistance for underinsured, so you can see ur Dr for lower cost until you find new Dr. I hope you continue to improve, praise God for your recovery!

Good luck and keep us updated!!

Good luck!

I'm frustrated--I still don't have the results from Tuesday night's MRI.

The Gamma Knife unit had a neurologist different from the neurosurgeon or neurologist I normally see at Mischer to write the orders for the MRI. The MRI techs told me the readiology doc. would have the report to the neurologist on Wednesday. When I still hadn't heard anything by Friday afternoon, I called Mischer to find out if I needed to schedule an appointment or if someone was going to call me with results. The receptionist spoke with the neurologist's assistant, who said he has my report, but that she isn't able to read it to me, that he (the doc) reads the reports to patients and that they would leave him a note to call me. He didn't call yesterday, and I'm sure I won't get a call over the weekend.

This is just frustrating.

I'm so sorry that you've yet to hear anything back but I'm glad to hear in reading through your posts that you've been doing better the past few years/months. I hope your condition continues to improve and that you keep a positive attitude. About when did your headaches and pain start to ease up? Mine seem to have been getting worse especially over the past few months. Best to you,