Follow-up from appointment with Neurologist

Well, if it’s not one thing, it’s another! I met with my Neurologist on Tuesday afternoon, because the headaches had returned. Turns out I have developed high blood pressure, which in itself can be contributing to the pressure in my head and the subsequent headaches. So, before we go any further, I have to begin medication for the high blood pressure, then return to the Neurologist in two months to see how things are progressing – or not.

And so the saga continues.

One question though . . . do any of you feel guilty when you leave your doctor’s office, like you have just been made to feel like you’re wasting his/her time? That’s how I felt on Tuesday when I left the Neurologist’s office. The MRI proved I have an AVM, my headaches are very real – I can assure you – and yet he doesn’t seem to be moved/concerned about how I’m feeling or the severity and impact the headaches are having on my entire life! Ahhhhhhhh! For me, this is very, very serious and yet he doesn’t seem to be overly concerned at all.

Or . . . maybe it’s just me.

Hi Margot,
I am sorry you are dealing with a doctor that is making you feel bad! I am a firm believer that–if you have the option–you should keep looking until you find a doctor that you feel comfortable with. Your neurologist may be a very qualified, competent doctor, but if he is not listening to you, you are not getting the highest quality of care you deserve. There are lots of doctors out there who know how to listen, who have empathy, who take the time to fully explain your options, and who take your concerns and symptoms seriously. Unfortunately, there are also many, many who don’t. When I was first diagnosed, I was feeling really fatalistic, depressed, and resigned to accept everything my doctor was telling me. At the urging of a friend, I made some appointments for second opinions. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did it. Maybe both doctors had equal skill, but I just felt so much more confident with my new doctor. He treated me with much more respect, and never tried to dismiss or second guess how I was feeling. When I decided to have surgery, I was less worried, because I really felt like he cared about me, my health and well being, my opinions, and the ultimate outcome. You have enough to deal with right now without having to feel like your doctor resents treating you, or is unconcerned with how you are feeling. You really deserve better. Your current doctor is already getting paid the same fees as would a doctor who was doing his job properly. You should at least be getting what you are paying for. I hope that you have the option of seeing a different doctor, and if so, that you give it a try. It can make all the difference. I am so sorry that you are dealing with this, and I hope you feel better soon. Don’t give up, they’re not all like this.

Good luck and take care,

Hi, Margot. You need a doctor that makes you feel comfortable and if this doctor isn’t doing the job…out he goes! Please look into other doctors. You are going through enough…you need someone who is concerned for you and actually wants to make you better.